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February 28th, 2007

Spring break

It has finally come to my attention that spring break is comming up. YEEEEEy..... ... for staying home and having to deal with homework and my yapping siblings who are ALSO gonna be off from school. LOL I'll find something to do. I must!!! =P

February 14th, 2007

A virus gone

So, get this. I'd downloaded a virus on my computer trying to get a component for my media player/ internet browsing tool. And yesterday, WOW I some how got rid of it on accident. I just got the pop up and followed the file. (I already knew whewre it was at) But this time, pop ups just started happening and I was actually able to delete the virus!!! I got rid of the whole folder, losing my component, but oh well, I got rid of the virus! Yey me!

Nia: If you're reading this. Write me sometime. I never see you on anymore!

February 7th, 2007

What did I do?

LOL I was assigned to read this book called the Dante Club for my English course. Well me not really interesting in the boring books of over description, I was only able to read 1/3 of the book. Mind you that was still 116 pages. So I had a little paper I had to write in class today about the book. Whew!!! I soooo winged that paper! Let's just see what I get for a grade! =P

February 3rd, 2007


Soooo today I finally had to format my computer loosing my huge collection of Shizuru/Natsuki pictures *cries* I am sad. Well what finally got me was there were 2 big virus's on my computer. One that steals info and one that downloads -other- virus's to the computer. I mean WTF!!! Who the hell makes these things? Just some guys thinking. "Hey I wanna jack up people's computers, even though I don't have any clue who they may be or how I screw their life!" Wow what asses. They should be shot! And then of course there are the people like a person I've mentioned over and over who uses peoples computers and jacks them up cause they don't scan their files when they download. Hmmmm.... 2+2 equals a jacked comp that causes a grip of Natsuk/Shizuru files to go bye bye leaving the unsuspecting victim who did neither make nor download the virus, very sad. *sighs*

January 28th, 2007

So last night I drank a bit mroe than what I'd been doing as of lately. I was afraid I'd go back to what I was doing but fortunetly my body has adjusted to where I don't need to drink all kinds. Thank god. And lets see. My eye got cut by my contacts and now I'm wearing glasses. Wierd... but I think I look good in them so I'm ok. Oh! I found a LOT of cool music I'd been wanting to find!!! I was shocked I got them. I am thrilled!!! Last night I started watching Joshikosei (High school Girls) the anime. It's FUNNY!!!!! That Kouda is hilariously hilarious! LOL She's perverted but in a nieve kinda way. She doesn't know that she's being perverted sometimes but just the way she says stuff. HAHAHA!!!

January 27th, 2007


So yesterday my eye got really iritated and red and continued on today. So what did I do? I went to the optomotrist. And what do you know? They said it was due to my contacts. Now mind you, I haven't had a pair of glasses in YEARS! So I had to go buy some cause I can't wear contacts for like a month or two. What do you know? I think I look good with glasses. *lol* Yeah I'm conceited, but yeah, it makes me look sophisticated.

January 24th, 2007


Today a virus is on my computer. Again! Seriously, my step dad is pissing me off. This is like the 5th virus on my computer. I've already had to format my computer once. I've already done my homework and have found each time my virus scanner finds these virus's they are always around the time my step dad wakes up AND while I'm asleep. I am seriously getting pissed off at this shit!!!

January 22nd, 2007


Today, I just got back from school, and my management class is going to have us do this boring and tidious assignment where we have to look up companies and their ceos and all this other boring stuff for a project. Like 70 companies!!! And 2 years at that. What a boring and waste of time. But if I get an A, I guess it's ok.

OH! And it was snowing today!!! Really cool, except I had to walk clear across campus in it. But it was an enjoyable walk despite being cold. =)

January 20th, 2007

Today or last night

Well today I am well. I am very proud of myself today. I have gone 5 days without drinking... well not completely. I've had 1 or 2 on some nights, but it's a heap better than the 8-10 I'm used to drinking every night. I dunno what to say. I'm proud!

What else, I've gona looking for my books to buy on e-bay and such and have yet to find all my books for school. I found one for like $30!!! Yeah that was awesome. Now to find the others. And it's a pain!

January 17th, 2007

This girl I know.

Well today was my second day of classes. And I have them with a friend of mine. Well, I'd liked this girl probably since day one when I met her. Now little did I know, in which I found out today. She's not with her boyfriend anymore. I would say it would be a good thing on my part, but problem is. I'm a litte out of the times probably on dating. Being I haven't had a girlfriend in years. (Damn you work and school) I wanna ask her out, but there's just too much going on right now. With bills, school, and I know even more school. One thing is, she says she can get me a job where she works and perhaps I'd be able to spend some time with her? *shrugs* I dunno. This is kinda good news to me. But yet, I still wouldn't know how to ask her out.

Another note for today. What is with book prices? They are REDICULOUS!!! Books for school are over $100 a book? It's freakin paper with letters on it. I know it doesn't cost no $150 for someone to print some words about accounting on a book. ESPECIALLY since I have an older accounting book which is almost WORD for WORD the same as a book I got. Seriously, how can they price gouge like that?
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